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Access Calendar Events, Notes, Zoom Recordings, Transcripts — all from one place

  • Prepare Agenda and Discussion points with Templates
  • Get AI-powered summarized Notes with full Transcript
  • Type your own Notes and have it linked to Transcript
  • Search information across Events, Notes, Transcripts
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Conversation analysis for every Zoom meeting — powered by AI

  • Identify different speakers and their Talk-time
  • Detect various topics discussed in the conversation
  • Listen to a topic of interest with Transcript Search
  • Navigate faster to Topics and Speakers in recording
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Trends across all Zoom meetings — for data-driven decisions

  • Aggregated trends for any Keyword or Key Phrase
  • Make data-driven decisions across the organization
  • Explore across specific users, teams, and customers
  • Understand the voice of the customer
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Aggregated conversation insights — for team coaching

  • Get Talk:Listen, Longest Monologue and more insights
  • Learn what separates your top performers from the rest
  • Improve conversation outcomes with 1:1 coaching
  • Enable self-coaching and peer-coaching culture

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