Augmented Notes

AI isn’t perfect. Augment on top of your AI-generated notes and transcripts to improve your productivity.

Transcripts to Notes

Never miss out on the key points in your conversation summary, even if AI does.

Avoma allows you to augment your conversation summary and add more to it—not just manually but also by selecting from the AI-generated transcript and adding it to your notes including the appropriate category.
Smart Categories

Categorize all your meeting notes automatically and smartly.

Avoma automatically categorizes your meeting notes under the smart categories such as Business Need, Pain Points, etc. It also ensures the notes are organized uniformly across the board, for easy access and sharing.
Custom Categories

Go beyond the existing smart categories.

Create custom categories based on your conversation needs. Avoma allows you to create categories beyond the list of existing smart categories that gets incorporated into automated note-taking and live bookmarking.

Integrate with your favorite tools.





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