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Avoma or Chorus, which AI Meeting Assistant and Conversation Intelligence solution will be right for your team? Check the detailed comparison of Avoma and Chorus features below to make an informed decision.

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We believe in transparency and have fairly put both options side by side so you can finalize which solution fits your use case.
Revenue and Conversation Intelligence for leaders
AI Meeting Assistant for all customer-facing teams
AI Meeting Assistant for internal calls to boost collaboration
Conversation Intelligence for leaders
AI Meeting Assistant for sales reps
Where does Avoma stand out?
AI meeting assistant supporting entire workflow for customer-facing teams: sharing meeting agendas, automated note-taking, updating to CRM, and more.
Conversation and revenue intelligence for leaders to coach sales reps, monitor deal pipeline, and forecast revenue.
Scalable beyond customer-facing teams supporting internal meetings.
Shared note-taking feature allowing multiple team members to edit/work on the same notes and collaborate easily.
Flexible pricing to fit in budget for SMB and mid-market companies.
Where does Chorus stand out?
AI meeting assistant and conversation intelligence for sales teams to record, transcribe, summarize, and analyze customer calls.
AI-powered recommendations to monitor deal pipeline and get automated alerts for accounts at risk.
Scorecards for coaching sales team members.
Early player in conversation intelligence space targeting enterprise companies.

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Avoma vs Chorus | Quick comparison

We value your time and energy. So, before getting into a detailed comparison, here is a quick summary of what you can expect.

Where Avoma is ahead of Chorus:

An easy-to-use to use tool with a free 14-day trial
Offers the best blend of manual note-taking + comprehensive AI-generated notes. Allows collaborative note-taking (multiple people taking notes on the same note-editor).
With Avoma, sales teams not only have a solution that manages the entire meeting lifecycle and analyzes those calls. But they also have a reliable tool that's scalable for the rest of the organization.
Offers flexibility in pricing. If some teams don't need CRM access or Revenue Intelligence functionality, then you don't pay for it. Avoma makes it easy for different members to buy different licenses based on the functionality they need.

Where Avoma is behind Chorus (for now):

Avoma currently tracks all email engagement but doesn't analyze email content yet.
Avoma allows pipeline management/monitoring but doesn't proactively notify alerts about potential risks yet.
Avoma is not the best solution for organizations using non-English languages.

Comparing Avoma and Chorus features in detail

Best suited for
Small and medium-sized business (SMB) and Mid-market
Fit for
Sales and customer success teams. Further scalable to other functions (Product, Marketing)/teams requiring an AI-meeting assistant for easier collaboration.
Sales and customer success teams
AI-Meeting assistant
Automatic meeting recording
Records both audio and video meetings
Records both audio and video meetings
External vs. internal Meeting recording
Records both internal and external calls. Keeps internal calls private by default.
Records both internal and external calls. But does not have any privacy intelligence
Automated transcripts
(Curate playlists of key moments from conversations)
(Share important moments from meetings)
AI-Generated notes
Allows editing notes. Advanced collaborative note editing lets multiple team members edit/work on the same notes.
Doesn’t allow editing notes
Customer relationship management (CRM) tools integration
Comment and tag users for a selected portion of the meeting in the transcript
Conversation and Revenue Intelligence
Interaction intelligence
(Talk time, Monologue, Filler words, Talk-to-listen ratios, etc.)
Competitor intelligence
(Which competitors are coming up in deal conversations?)
Coaching usage
(AI scorecards for every call for personalized coaching initiatives based on performance insights)
Deal intelligence
Provides a real-time view of the deal pipeline, showing the current status of all deals
Provides a real-time view of the deal pipeline and sends alerts about potential deals at risk.
Revenue forecast
Email Intelligence
Checks email engagement but doesn't analyze email content yet
Checks email engagement, analyzes content and offers insights
Supported meeting platforms and dialers
Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Blue Jeans, GoTo Meeting, UberConference, Lifesize, Highfive, Aircall, RingCentral, Koncert, Kixie
Amazon Chime, Avaya, BlueJeans, Cisco, WebEx, Dialpad, GoTo Meeting, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, RingCentral, UberConference, Vonage and Zoom
Supported CRMs
Salesforce, Hubspot, Zendesk Sell, Pipedrive, Zoho
Salesforce, Hubspot, Gainsight, Microsoft dynamics

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Top Factors to Consider Before Deciding Your Next Revenue and Conversation Intelligence Solution

Avoma is a simple to set up and easy-to-use platform. Our Customer support team also provides detailed onboarding and training support for smoother implementation.
Reviews highlight that Chorus has a clunky interface, which makes searching existing recordings hard.
Avoma offers pricing flexibility with monthly, half-yearly, or annual pricing options. You can also get different licenses for different teams by only taking the necessary functionalities for that team. For non-sales teams, plans start at $49/user/month, and for sales & success teams, plans start at $79/user/month. This flexibility and affordable pricing make Avoma an excellent solution for SMBs and mid-market companies.
Chorus is not an affordable solution for everyone - especially SMBs and mid-market companies.
Avoma provides AI-generated notes and also lets you edit them. You can further add any necessary details to the notes. Also, the note editors are shared so multiple users can edit/work on the notes and collaborate easily.
Chorus currently provides AI-generated notes but doesn’t let you edit them.
Avoma supports all leading meeting platforms and integrates with all commonly used CRMs.
Chorus also integrates with all leading meeting platforms and CRMs. One limitation in Chorus CRM integration is it updates meeting information (like call participants, meeting subject, meeting date, next steps, and other tracked topics found in the transcript) but not meeting notes to CRM.
Avoma generates all the must-have reports to analyze calls, monitor deal pipelines, coach sales team members, and forecast revenue.
Chorus also offers all these insights. Apart from the above reports, it also provides email insights and alerts for potential accounts that need immediate attention.
Avoma boosts productivity for the sales team. Beyond the sales team, it is also extendable to other functions (product, design, marketing) and remote teams.
Chorus currently focuses on sales and customer success teams only.
Avoma follows all data protection standards or compliance protocols such as SOC 1-3 and ISO 27001, OWASP, GDPR, SOC 2 Type II, and more. Avoma also allows users to keep recordings private for meetings that only select users should access.
Chorus also follows the required standards like CCPA in the United States and GDPR in the European Union. One limitation in Chorus is the lack of privacy intelligence. There is no differentiation in terms of privacy.

Final verdict

Choose Avoma if you are looking for an affordable unified solution with AI-meeting assistant functionalities for sales reps, data-driven insights for leaders, and collaborative features for remote teams.
Choose Chorus if you are looking for an AI-powered solution that helps you keep a close tab on the deal pipeline with automated alerts and coach sales reps.

What do users love about Avoma?

Best meeting companion we evaluated
“AI transcriptions are using the latest tech and fully searchable across all meetings. Summaries are concise and among the most accurate that we tested among all of the competitors. Video recording is 1080p and downloadable. The support from the team has been incredible as well.”
Pedro P.
Verified G2 User
Game changer
“The ability to automatically document all of our company's calls, both internal and external, has changed how we do business. Our sales process has improved 10x, and there is no longer a reason to have a disagreement on "I never said that" - simply pull up the transcript! It also integrates nicely with our CRM system. We use it for every call that we have.”
Brian K.
Verified G2 User
Game Changer for Sales, Marketing & Product
“Avoma has been a vital tool for our organization and we use it accross Sales, Marketing, Product, & CSM. The feature we like most is the accurate notes transcribed to our CRM. We are able to review calls with leads and sales demos and guide our AEs to perform better or give advice in certain areas. It helps in product too, because we are able to identify product gaps.”
Khanh N.
Verified G2 User

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