AI powered meeting assistant — that works automagically for your Sales and Customer Success teams



Avoma integrates with all leading web conferencing systems and automatically captures audio/video of your meeting as a silent attendee.



It transcribes all recordings, identifies different speakers, their talk-time and different topics, and extracts key insights like next steps and more.



Review your previous recordings and analysis to be more effective in your conversations or refer it to find any forgotten key information.

For Account Executives and Customer Success Managers

Prepare, participate, and follow up like a top performer — for every single customer meeting

Before a meeting, plan an agenda using custom templates; during a meeting, stay engaged and ask right questions; and after a meeting, get summarized notes from AI Assistant.

Search for key phrases or important details in a full transcript at later time as needed, and also push all notes to appropriate Opportunities or Leads in the CRM.


For Managers and VPs of Sales and Customer Success teams

Onboard, educate, and elevate your team like a top coach — using unparalleled insights

Easily scale employee onboarding and 1:1 coaching by referencing the best moments, topics and phrases captured from historical conversations.

Streamline team collaboration and make account handoffs painless with complete context on all conversations and better knowledge transfer.


For Product Management and Marketing teams

Align, inform, and empower cross-functional teams — with direct access to the voice of your customers.

Bring cross-functional teams on the same page with visibility into all customer conversations — it's easier to search for information than chase people.

Don't build products in vacuum. Gather feature requests and understand pain points directly from actual customer conversations.


For busy Salespeople and high-growth companies

Get the highest quality CRM data and at the same time the highest level of employee satisfaction — we're not kidding!

Get very detailed notes reviewed by human editors based on your CRM fields or custom template at a fraction of the cost of hiring a personal assistant.

Boost employee satisfaction by receiving high-quality notes directly in their inbox within a few hours after a meeting is over.


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