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Save 4 hours/week with human-like detailed notes, generated by AI

Go beyond simple note taking with Avoma’s AI-generated meeting notes, with tailored insights, smart note organization, and follow up suggestions to boost team productivity.

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Experience the only meeting assistant that lets you edit & augment AI-generated notes.
Collaborate with your team, in real time. Complete each other's sentences, literally.
Start taking notes in minutes. Avoma is quick to set up, and easy for anyone to use.
Reduce Reporting Time

by over 70%

Accelerate Sales Cycle

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Why use Avoma AI notes to capture insights for your sales teams

Give the speaker your undivided attention.

Focus on the conversation, not on note-taking. Avoma captures detailed meeting notes and auto-syncs them to your CRM, so you don't have to waste time on manual work.

Analyze meetings with auto categorized notes.

Get smartly categorized notes, organized in easy-to-read sections. Avoma AI auto-detects speakers, pain points, and topics to let you build a searchable knowledge base of all your meetings.

Make your workflows smarter.

Build custom smart categories for notes that automatically track conversation topics that matter to your teams.

Curate and share key meeting moments easily.

Group highlights from one or various calls together. Create playlists of valuable, enriching moments from your conversations to learn from and improve your processes and outcomes.

Unlock powerful cross-functional collaboration.

Improve collaboration across teams with Avoma's shareable meeting recordings, snippets & playlists, comment threads, and @mentions.

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We work wherever you speak

Integrate easily with your favorite tools to keep the conversation (and the note-taking) going strong.

Flexible pricing to meet the needs of your unique team

Affordable pricing lets you purchase different plans for different users.
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Hear it straight from our customers + G2 users

Affordable pricing lets you purchase different plans for different users.
On Zoom, we were manually pulling in every single meeting into our CRM, now with Avoma it is automatically pushed to the CRM and it's saving our reps a ton of time. We we've seen a ton of value in saving time and note taking.
Luiz Cent
Director of Sales, Milkshake
Onboarding Avoma was pretty much the game changer for us. So we're able to focus on what we're meeting about, knowing that all of that information is captured. We use it on all of our client calls and it saves us time.
Rebecca Graves
VP Client Services, Spot On
Immediately, people started seeing value in the Avoma tool. Not just the business development team, but the AEs and the executive team. If I had to summarize our experience with Avoma into a news headline, it would be "Avoma made us better.
Tim Powers
VP Client Services, Spot On
Avoma provides a plethora of features that allows for a far more efficient sales team. It is super easy to use and integrates with a variety of applications. Additionally, the customer support is excellent, always helpful, and quick to respond!
G2 User
Really appreciate the transcription service of Avoma as well as the key takeaways. The AI keeps getting better, and they're continually adding functionality. When needed, their support team is quick and responsive.
G2 User
Avoma helps me put my full attention towards the client and really listen to their unique situations and needs. The transcription feature is my favorite since it allows me to revisit specific points of the conversation based on what was said.
G2 User

Make the most out of every meeting.

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