#1 Alternative to Chorus

The complete Chorus alternative to boost sales team efficiency

Avoma offers smart solutions for your entire sales team. Get an AI meeting assistant to make sales reps more productive, help leaders coach their teams to success, and smart revenue intelligence to accelerate growth.

Trusted by more than 700 high-growth organizations

 Why choose Avoma?

Avoma is the Chorus alternative that supports your entire team
Before the meeting
Automated lead qualification and routing
Agenda and Call Script Templates
No-show Assistant & Reminders
During the meeting
Real-time Transcript
Live Bookmarks
Collaborative Note-taking
After the meeting
AI-generated Notes
Enhance the accuracy of AI-generated notes with custom edits
Notes are not editable
Call Listening and Commenting
Snippets and Playlists
Slack Integration
Get Slack alerts for mentions of keywords, phrases. Post call details and summary to Slack.
Post call details and Summary to Slack
Conversation Intelligence
Coaching and Analytics
Auto AI Call Scoring
Auto-score every call using AI Scorecards for 100% call coverage
2-way CRM Sync
Salesforce, HubSpot
Pipeline Management
Deal and Churn Risks Alerts
Deal and Churn Risks Alerts

Try Avoma unrestricted for free. Choose a plan after 14-days trial period.

 Why choose Avoma?

Avoma is the Chorus alternative that supports your entire team

Focus on high-value conversations

Automate repetitive tasks such as such as taking notes, updating the CRM and analyzing your meetings -and focus more on conversations.

Put coaching on autopilot

Use Avoma's AI scorecards and and automated call scoring to assess call performance objectively, and turn meetings into coachable moments.

Quick and easy onboarding

Say goodbye to complex user manuals and time consuming implementation. Avoma’s clean UI is built for daily adoption and user productivity.

Pricing that puts you first

Avoma is a powerful platform that offers complete flexibility in pricing so that you can scale across functions and pay only for what you need and use.

Scalability aligned with your growth

Customize Avoma to solve for all your business requirements and expand usage across teams - sales, marketing and customer success.

Integration with 30+ tools

Effortlessly integrate Avoma with your favorite tools - calendars, virtual conferencing platforms, dialers, and CRMs.
Reduce reporting time

by over 70%

Accelerate Sales Cycle

by 20%

Boost Productivity

by 120%

Smooth integrations to keep the conversation going

Integrate easily with your favorite tools.

Transparent prices to meet the unique needs of your team

Chorus pricing is complex  and opaque, requiring a sales call to get details. Avoma offers a range of clear prices, depending on your use case.
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Flexible pricing to meet the needs of your unique team

Affordable pricing lets you purchase different plans for different users.
On Zoom, we were manually pulling in every single meeting into our CRM, now with Avoma it is automatically pushed to the CRM and it's saving our reps a ton of time.
Luiz Cent
Director of Sales, Milkshake
Onboarding Avoma was pretty much the game changer for us. So we're able to focus on what we're meeting about, knowing that all of that information is captured.
Rebecca Graves
VP Client Services, Spot On
People immediately started seeing value in the Avoma tool. Not just the business development team, but the AEs and the executive team.
Tim Powers
Director of Business Development, Zilliant

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