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Our Mission

Avoma's mission is to amplify potential of knowledge professionals so they can achieve their desired goals faster.

Our Vision

Avoma's vision is to provide the most comprehensive AI Meeting Assistant with frictionless collaboration, and actionable intelligence — to automate low-value tasks, and augment high-value tasks for knowledge professionals.

We want to make knowledge professionals' meetings 10x more productive and help them get 10x more value from those conversations.

Our Values

Focus on the "Jobs to be Done"
Focus on the ultimate job the customer is trying to accomplish, and build products and services to help them achieve that in the most frictionless possible way.
Take entrepreneurial ownership
Don't just take ownership, take entrepreneurial ownership. Be scrappy, be resilient, demonstrate grit, own end-to-end thinking, execution and outcomes.
Default to transparency and honesty
We view transparency as a lifestyle of authenticity and an effective way to establish a culture of trust. We strive to be honest in all communication with employees and customers.
Be respectful, playful, and mindful
We respect every member and the skills. We work hard, but are playful while we do it. We embrace mindfulness and reflect on our execution and act intentionally.
Exemplify growth mindset and improve continuously
We believe any talent can be learned through hard work and advice from others. We strive to be better every day, both professionally, but more importantly personally.
Embody positivity and gratitude
We believe positivity and gratitude make our journey joyful. We strive to be optimistic in our execution and are thankful to our customers, employees, their families, and investors.