About Avoma

Avoma was founded in late 2017 in Palo Alto, CA with the belief that all of us have a love-and-hate relationship with meetings. When meetings are run effectively, people collaborate on great ideas, achieve alignment and ultimately make faster progress on their desired goals. But when meetings are run poorly, valuable time is wasted, information discussed is lost and scattered across multiple tools, desired goals are not achieved, and in the end, people blame each other.

The reality is, a majority of meetings are still run very poorly today. We believe that with the right blend of Human Intelligence and advancements in Artificial Intelligence, we can make meetings more productive and get more value from the information discussed in every conversation.

And if you’re wondering what does Avoma mean — it’s an acronym for “A Very Organized Meeting Assistant”. We had to get creative to get a short and sweet .com domain name. 😊


Reimagine how people and companies meet, so that everyone can reach greater goals.


Improve how knowledge workers meet and communicate, by automating low-value tasks and augmenting high-value work.

Avoma Values

We value transparency as the key to a culture of trust. We strive to be honest in all communication, because we believe that better context leads to better decisions. Transparency is not oversharing, or betraying privacy. It’s about stripping away anything that gets in the way of clarity and truth so that we reduce uncertainty, build trust, and foster accountability.
We see curiosity as the root of innovation at Avoma. We perceive what exists, question why, and explore what it could be. We take time for inquisitiveness and playfulness, and avoid assumptions that hinder our ability to imagine and grow.
We believe that intentional gratitude makes our journey joyful. We approach every interaction with optimism, and we express thankfulness to each other, our families, our customers, and investors.

Avoma Principles

Focus on the “Jobs To Be Done”
We focus on what customers are trying to accomplish, and keep that end goal at the center of what we build. Each of our tools, our tasks, our products and our services, have a purpose. We keep that purpose in mind. We focus on the job that the tool, or the task, or the process, is designed to do.
Take entrepreneurial ownership
Entrepreneurial ownership means we take responsibility for the effort, and we also take accountability for the outcome, even when it is not fully in our control. We are scrappy and resilient. We demonstrate end-to-end thinking from initial vision through execution and completion.
Continuous improvement through growth mindset
Any skill can be learned through hard work and coaching from others. We strive to be better every day, both professionally, and–more importantly–personally. We investigate, we learn, and we incorporate learning into our habits.

Our Leadership Team

We’re a growing team of dreamers and builders who want to create an impactful and sustainable company. Our team brings experience from building and scaling products touching millions of people at leading technology companies. We are committed to building a product people love to use and and creating a company people love to work for.

Let’s build great things together.

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