Avoma Scheduler

Book meetings, send reminders & agendas: Pre-meeting workflow that works for everyone

Scheduling Pages

Create multiple scheduling pages for free.

Create different scheduling pages for various durations, based on your availability, timezone preferences, based on the context you want to capture, activate or deactivate your scheduling pages based on your availability and time-offs.
Purpose-based scheduling

Make your meetings more actionable with purpose-based scheduling pages.

Create multiple scheduling pages for different purposes such as booking sales calls, interviews, networking and more. Save yourself from meeting overloads by setting up limits on meetings per day, week, month, and buffers between meetings.
Automated note-taking

Go where other scheduling tools won’t—automate note-taking for your meetings.

Your purpose-based scheduling pages ensure that the right meeting templates are automatically assigned to your meetings, so that Avoma’s AI takes notes for you and syncs to your CRM while you can focus on your high-value conversations.
Workflow management

Reduce no-shows with automated reminders and rescheduling.

Avoma Scheduler automates your entire meeting workflow from no-show email reminders, to offering flexibility for your customers and prospects to cancel or reschedule meetings.
Automatic Recording & Transcripts

Move meetings forward with a great follow-up routine.

Don’t let another important conversation disappear into thin air. Foster better collaboration with your prospects and customers by following up your meetings with shareable meeting recordings and transcripts with access controls.
Team Scheduling Pages

Instantly access teammate's scheduling pages without lot of back and forth.

With complete transparency and access to scheduling pages of members across your organization, you can schedule meetings for your team members without the back-and-forth of emails, delivering to your prospects and customers a seamless brand experience.

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Avoma integrates with your favorite tools


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