Avoma vs Fireflies

Avoma vs Fireflies:
Why more people choose Avoma

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Avoma vs Fireflies: The Smarter Choice for Meeting Lifecycle Management

A true Meeting Assistant that is more than voice transcription. 

While we record both audio and video from every conversation, transcribe the meetings and calls— Avoma’s AI powered meeting assistant is more than that. Avoma helps you learn from conversations across the board to understand your customers, get insights to coach your team, and a lot more. 

Takes notes for you. Updates them to the CRM. You do ‘you’.

Avoma’s AI-generated Notes isn’t another name for meeting transcriptions. While you focus on the conversation, Avoma takes notes for you and updates your CRM and ensures that the action items don’t fall through the cracks.

One platform to prepare, collaborate, and search across all meetings. 

Prepare for meetings instantly by creating agenda templates and call scripts in advance and bring consistency across your teams. All your meetings are a searchable knowledge base within Avoma, which allows you to follow up promptly with accurate next steps thus making your meetings more actionable.

Leverage Conversation Intelligence. Shorten sales cycles. Collaborate seamlessly.

With Snippets and Playlists in Avoma, you can share the actual voice of the prospect, customer, and teammates with cross-functional teams instantly. Build data-driven products that prospects and customers want.  Learn trends about competitor gaps, features asked, and custom trackers with Conversation Intelligence.

Incredibly powerful. Yet incredibly simple. 

You don’t need a dedicated admin to set up and manage Avoma. Avoma’s clean UI is built for daily adoption and user productivity, and hence there’s almost no learning curve.

Privacy-intelligent. Gives you ultimate control.

We understand some of your conversations have privacy sensitivity. Avoma lets you control access to conversations based on the sensitivity of your conversations.

Avoma vs Fireflies: Go Beyond Basic Transcription. Unlock Meeting Intelligence

Where Avoma is ahead:

The easiest to use, and offers an unrestricted 14-day free trial
Best for SMB and mid-market companies
The only product in the conversation intelligence space that offers AI-generated notes for your meetings and syncs to CRM (in addition to automatic meeting transcription)
When you want one tool for the entire organization but also not compromise on individual needs

Where Avoma is behind (for now):

Avoma is not designed for non B2B use —for example: it is not for students, researchers, universities, ecommerce, retail, etc.
Not the best-suited for organizations wanting to use Avoma for non-English languages.

How does Avoma stack up with Fireflies?

Target Audience
SMB and mid-market
SMB and mid-market
Free Trial
Free plan but no unrestricted free trial
All-inclusive, publicly available pricing
All-inclusive, publicly available pricing
Affordable & best-value
Expand usage across functions, pay only for the features required
Not scalable beyond the transcription usecase
Automatic Meeting Recording
Video and audio
Audio only
Impromptu meeting recording
Download meetings/Offline listening
Automated Transcripts
AI- generated notes
Collaborative note taking
Snippets sharing
Filler words tracking
Two-way native CRM integration
Salesforce, HubSpot, Zendesk Sell, Zoho, Pipedrive, Copper CRM
One-way integration into the CRMs
Dialer Integrations
Conversation intelligence
Deal Intelligence
Mobile app

Make the most out of every conversation.

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