A 4-Part Online Event Series

Revenue Acceleration Summit

Discover how to make your meetings more actionable across all stages of your meeting lifecycle, using Avoma.

Accelerate your revenue and GTM productivity with AI-powered automation and intelligence

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A must-attend actionable series for revenue leaders and operators

Learn from our experts the best practices on how to automate your GTM workflows to accelerate your revenue growth.




Actionable Tips


Revenue Growth Potential


Cost Reduction Potential

Session 1

How to double your pipeline by automating Lead Qualification, Routing, and Scheduling

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  • What are the issues with your inbound lead funnel
  • How you can automate lead routing and instant scheduling
  • How you can increase conversion for your inbound lead funnel to maximize pipeline generation

Session 2

How to save 4+ hours/week with AI-generated Notes and CRM Data Entry automation

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  • How you can automate note taking for all your sales and customer conversations
  • How you can customize notes based on Sales methodologies (MEDDIC, SPIN, etc.) and also custom requirements
  • How you can automatically sync notes to your CRM records and fields

Session 3

How to increase quota attainment by 50% with AI Call Scoring and personalized coaching insights

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  • How you can evaluate the performance of your sales and success teams objectively, and eliminate subjective biases
  • How you can use insights from AI scorecard dashboards to deliver personalized feedback
  • How you can save 10+ hours every week on listening to sales calls to give feedback to your team members

Session 4

How to double your Deal Velocity with AI-guided Pipeline Review and Forecasting Insights

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  • Make your revenue goals more predictable with revenue forecasting
  • Commit accurate revenue forecasts using deal risk alerts
  • How to use AI-powered deal risk alerts to salvage winnable deals that could be slipping away

More than 900 high-growth organizations have implemented these AI-powered automations to transform their GTM motions

A comprehensive series for your entire GTM lifecycle

Grow more with less with proven, yet easy-to-implement actionable tips

Discover how to make your meetings more actionable across all stages of your meeting lifecycle, using Avoma.

Double your revenue and GTM productivity, not your headcount and budget.

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