2023 was quite the rollercoaster of a year. Business priorities changed from ‘burn fast, grow faster’ i.e growth at all costs, to ‘grow sustainably'. And 'Path to profitability' became the new north star metric.

As businesses pivoted towards sustainable growth models, there was a need for intelligent solutions that not only optimized efficiency but also enabled meaningful, value-driven engagements with buyers and customers. And at Avoma, we focused on building and delivering a revenue intelligence platform that could cater to the rapidly evolving needs of your sales and customer success teams.

So here’s a round-up of the major updates we shipped in 2023 to help you have meaningful, engaging conversations with buyers, customers, and teammates!

Human-like AI-generated Notes

Automatically detect, capture, and organize key conversation topics such as ‘Pain points’ ‘Action items’ ‘Positive moments’ et al. Follow up with laser sharp precision to delight your prospects.

Automate note-taking, transcription, and summary for your conversations

Instant Slack and Email Alerts

Discover invaluable customer insights by monitoring conversations for key phrases, and get instantly notified via Slack and email alerts. Use these insights to coach your team on how to win deals and/or retain customers better.

Get notified about key conversation insights with Slack/email alerts

Secure and intuitive sharing experience

We simplified the sharing experience for Meetings, Snippets, and Playlists: advanced sharing controls, link expiry dates, options to request/grant access, and default access to all recordings in a shared playlist.

A secure and simplified playlist sharing experience

AI-powered Automated Call Scoring

Avoma’s AI Scorecards automatically score every conversation so you don’t need to listen to each recording manually. Use insights from AI-generated scores to give personalized feedback to your team, and level up your team's performance.

AI-powered call scoring and coaching

Group and Round Robin Scheduling

Connect the calendars of multiple teammates and make meeting slots available round the clock. Ensure meeting requests are evenly distributed within your team with Round Robin scheduling.

Simplify the meeting scheduling experience for your website visitors

Lead Qualification and Routing

Quickly qualify your buyers with the right questions, and connect qualified buyers with the right sales people instantly using automated lead routing.

Automate your lead routing workflows in three steps

Automated CRM Field Updates

Make sure every conversation insight is captured in your CRM by mapping Avoma categories to your CRM properties. Avoma’s native integrations with HubSpot and Salesforce sync data instantly.

Map custom CRM objects to Avoma properties/Smart Categories and automate data sync

Revenue Forecasting with Deal Risk Signals

Avoma’s AI-powered conversation analysis gives you Deal Risk Scores to identify which deals are winnable and which deals are at risk. You can take timely action to improve your deal win rate, build accurate revenue forecasts, and make your revenue more predictable.

Build accurate revenue forecasts with the help of Deal Risk Signals

In Conclusion

So as we draw the curtains on another exciting year at Avoma, we would like to thank you for being part of our journey. And as we look ahead to another year of innovation and success, we're thrilled to have you with us along for the ride. Here's to making 2024 even more remarkable. Wishing you all a very happy new year!

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