One of the missions that Avoma pursues is—democratizing customer intelligence across the functions in an organization. And a key step towards that direction is to ensure that the insights from customer and prospect discussions aren't restricted to the customer-facing teams such as sales and customer success.

As the world continues to work remotely, customer-facing teams such as sales and customer success have grown to depend heavily on dialers such as AirCall, Outreach, etc., for their conversations with their prospects and customers.

To ensure no information or discussion is lost in thin air, it becomes very important for organizations to ensure that all the conversations are available in a central location—recorded, transcribed, summarized, and analyzed.

And that's exactly what the integration between Avoma and Kixie solves for.

How Kixie helps customer-facing teams like sales?

Kixie is a sales engagement platform that works with CRMs and other sales enabling tools to simplify manual dialling while calling prospects or customers. For example, sales reps use Kixie to make outbound calls to their prospects and add short notes to their conversations, such as the type of the call, purpose, outcome, etc.

If you have integrated Kixie with your CRM, for example, HubSpot, all your updates get appended to your CRM.

Here are the key benefits:

  • Automated Calling and Texting: You can use Kixie to trigger calls from within your CRM automatically. It helps you connect with your prospects in real-time when they submit a form or visit your pricing page.
  • Save Time Between Calls with Automation: Sales Development folks can leverage Kixie's ability to trigger automations within your CRM to do everything from automatically sending follow-up emails after a call to moving deals in the pipeline automatically and more.

What makes their integration with Avoma powerful?

Typically, the intelligence derived from customer and prospect conversations never extends beyond the customer-facing teams' walls. However, with the Avoma integration, all conversations done via Kixie becomes a searchable knowledge base within Avoma, accessible to the entire organization.

Further, all your conversation outcomes syncs to Avoma, with the Kixie logo indicating the sync.

The integration enables everyone across your organization to:

  • Search, access, and play the calls done
  • Get a complete transcript of their calls, including insights on who spoke, when, and for how long
  • Automatically get summarized notes of their conversations, including action items, which get updated to your CRM
  • Learn and take actions based on the overall conversation intelligence and deal intelligence

How it helps SDRs and AEs


When a new sales rep joins an organization, it takes upto three months before they are ready to take up sales calls and demos independently. And then, it takes 6-9 months to get to full productivity because they need to get used to the organization's onboarding process, the internal process around sales closure, and the handover to customer success. But, overall, it's not just about getting to full productivity, but about getting embedded in your organizational culture.

So, the question is — can you afford to wait for nine months from the time of hire before your sales reps become competent performers? And is training and rep shadowing sufficient enough for a ramp-up process?

Source: RAIN Group

That where's sales coaching using a conversation intelligence tool like Avoma helps. It records, transcribes, and offers summarized notes of all conversations so that you don't need your new reps to shadow your senior reps on their calls to get trained. The Avoma integration makes asynchronous coaching possible.

Accelerated sales coaching

Improved objection handling:

The SDRs and AEs can focus on the conversations actively and be on top of their objection handling game, and stop worrying about taking notes during their conversations and the possibility of missing key customer details.

Avoma not only transcribes your calls done via Kixie but also gives you an automated one-page overview of the entire conversation that captures the key points discussed and the next steps.

Here's an example from Avoma's meeting summary where the AI assistant automatically summarizes your meetings or calls and breaks them into categories such as Pain Points, Objections, Next Steps, etc.

Thus, the integration ensures that the AEs can boost your productivity by getting back more selling time.

How it helps Customer Success

Now you will be able to analyze all your customer conversations on Kixie and identify trends in product issues, adoption friction, or feature requests for data-driven and personalized coaching.

But more importantly, now you will be able to identify potential customer churn indicators from your Kixie calls. For example, use Avoma to track usage of phrases like "leadership change," "champion left," "change of direction," "critical for operations," or "in-house initiative" on these calls, which can be potential churn indicators.

Further, you can proactively set up alerts based to look for these phrases uttered by your customer. And that can help you proactively take preventive measures such as devising an account-based action plan to make your product contextually more relevant.

How it helps Marketing

Marketing teams can now access Kixie conversations and get a deeper understanding of the kind of questions customers and prospects often have so that they can adapt their marketing and sales enablement strategies better. Also, it helps them create content that resonates with the target audience and run better ads.

How it helps Product and Engineering teams

Product teams can now be on top of product adoption, feature requests trends by gleaning into your Kixie conversations. But, more importantly, it also helps establish a healthy feedback loop between engineering and customer-facing teams.

Final words...

We understand that if you want to run your sales operations like a well-oiled machine, you need a process that goes beyond coaching intelligence. It would help if you had a strong feedback loop and collaborations across functions such as product, marketing, and customer success. We're confident that the integration between Kixie and Avoma will help you democratize customer intelligence across the organization.

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