AI-generated Notes

What are AI-generated Notes?

AI-generated notes are a one-page summary of meeting conversations that the AI automatically generates after the meetings are over. AI-generated notes are not full-length meeting transcripts—they are high-level summaries of a meeting conversation that lets you review the meeting at a glance.

The one-pager bulleted summary offers you a quick recap of all that was discussed in a call/meeting—automatically organized under corresponding categories—saving you the time and hassle of going through the entire transcript.

How does Avoma’s AI-generated Notes work?

Avoma helps you with AI-generated conversation summary with action items for all your calls and meetings, and automatically syncs it to your CRM. As part of the note-taking process, Avoma smartly organizes the AI-generated notes under smart categories such as Business Need, Pain Points, etc. to retain the context of the call/meeting. You can, however, also create and add custom new categories based on your conversation needs.

If you are in sales (or other customer-facing functions) and have integrated Avoma with your CRM, Avoma automatically syncs the meeting/call summary notes to your CRM so that you don’t have to go through the manual data entry process.

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