What are snippets?

Snippets are bite-sized text, audio, or video content pieces that are extracted from a recorded phone call or a meeting conversation. They are called snippets because they are “snipped” out of a longer content block, usually for sharing and collaborating on a sub-context from within a broader conversation.

Snippets help you capture and share important moments of a meeting and to isolate a context from the rest of the conversation.

How do Snippets work in Avoma?

Creating Snippets is easy in Avoma. You just have to highlight and snip the desired text block from the conversation transcripts and click on the Snippet icon that appears. Once you create a snippet, Avoma generates a link that you can share with your colleagues or customers for them to review and comment on.

Along with the highlighted transcript, the Snippets will include the audio and video (if your camera was enabled) specific to your selection. You can find all your meeting snippets organized under the Snippets tab in the Avoma app. With Avoma, you can also download your Snippets for accessing them online.

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