The most efficient & delightful meeting experience ever


Meet Faster with Integrated Workflows

  • Integrated Calendar & Notes
  • Shared Agenda Templates
  • Collaborative Notes


Save Time with AI Assistance

  • Transcripts & Summarized Notes
  • Speakers & Topics Identified
  • Search & Snippet Sharing


Improve Conversation Outcomes with Insights

  • Conversation Insights
  • Keyword Trends
  • Curated Playlists

If you meet 10-20 times a week, you deserve a better experience


Stop juggling between multiple apps and repeating low-value tasks

  • Automate your meeting preparation with Agenda Templates
  • Reduce No-Show rates with email reminders
  • No more context-switching & information-loss between apps

Never worry about forgetting or missing key information discussed

  • Automatically record audio, video and screen shared
  • Get high-quality Transcripts to take notes & search
  • Jot down notes in meeting and get it linked to Transcript

No more guessing who said what at what time while listening to recording

  • Seek to specific Topics automatically detected by AI
  • Listen to specific Speakers identified with their Talk-time
  • Create recording Snippets and share only that part

Don't miss Next Steps and drop the ball on Follow-ups

  • Get Next Steps automatically extracted from AI
  • Review more summarized notes for other key topics
  • Search in Transcript for any missing details

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