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  • Meeting Assistant: Record, transcribe, and analyze meetings, and get AI-generated summary notes
  • Meeting Collaboration: Search for any word, listen to key moments, and share voice of the customer
  • Meeting Intelligence: Learn topic trends, winning talk-patterns, interaction skills, and deal risks
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For Meeting Participants

Meeting Assistant

Focus on the conversation and get Transcript and Notes automatically.
For Cross-functional Teams

Meeting Collaboration

Search for any word and share and curate important moments instantly.
For Leaders & Managers

Meeting Intelligence

Get visibility across conversations to learn talk patterns and topic trends.
For Meeting Participants

Never miss an important detail or worse, misunderstand it.

With automatic video recording, high-quality Transcripts, and AI-generated Notes for key topics, you can focus on the conversation, and not worry about missing any details.
For Cross-functional Teams

Don’t let another customer feedback disappear into thin air.

Search for any word in previous conversations or proactively get alerts for Saved Search queries. Share key customer feedback via Snippets or save it into curated Playlist to access it later.
For Managers

Stop wasting time in shadowing live calls to coach your team.

Onboard your team faster with curated Playlists of best moments. Learn talk patterns of your top performers and coach others. Share feedback via comments on specific moments in the call.
For Leaders

No more relying on opinions and stale CRM data for forecasting.

Learn activity engagement and closing risks with Deal Intelligence to forecast accurately. Get notified about prospect’s objections and risks proactively. Strategize and suggest next steps via comments.

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