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AI Meeting Assistant

For Customer-facing Reps
  • Searchable Transcripts
  • AI-Summarized Notes
  • Automatic Syncing to CRM

Conversation Intelligence

For Managers and Leaders
  • Speaker & Topic Analysis
  • Trends of Custom Keywords
  • Coaching Insights

Deal Collaboration

For Cross-functional Teams
  • Searchable Recordings
  • Snippet Sharing & Playlists
  • Comments & Feedback

Accelerate your key business goals.

Shorten Sales Cycle
Increase Close Rate
Delight More Customers
Increase Rep Productivity
Foster Team Collaboration
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Make every conversation matter.

Automate low-value tasks and augment high-value tasks at every stage of the customer lifecycle.
No Show Reminders

Getting a lot of no-shows for meetings?

Remind participants without fail to show-up on time.

Automatically send email reminders to participants so they show up on time or request to reschedule, which is better than wasting your time.
Shared Templates

Forgetting to ask the right questions?

Prepare instantly with agenda templates.

Prepare agendas with proven templates instead of copying and pasting every time. Shared templates ensure consistency across the team.
Recordings & Transcripts

Struggling to pay attention while capturing customer details?

Focus on listening and never miss a detail with transcripts.

Automatically record meetings and get high-quality transcripts to take better notes later on. Also get manually typed notes linked to transcripts.
Speakers & Topics

Wasting time in guessing who spoke when in recordings?

Navigate instantly with topics & speakers identified.

Go to specific speakers and topics identified automatically or search for topics of interest in transcripts to listen to recordings faster.
AI Summarized Notes

Running short on time for taking notes & CRM data-entry?

Get AI summarized notes delivered for key topics.

AI will extract summarized notes for key topics like Next Steps, Pain Points, Objections, Competitors, Positive Moments, Questions Asked, etc.
Trends & Conversation Intelligence

Lacking visibility into what’s working and what’s not?

Learn trends of topics and talk patterns across team.

Analyze trends for competitors, objections, discounts, and feature-asks to build data-driven products. See the talk tracks of top reps and coach everyone to use them.

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