How modern B2B companies sell more and retain customers with the help of AI

  • AI Meeting Assistant: Record, transcribe, and analyze meetings and get summarized notes
  • Deal Collaboration: Share and curate customer feedback, provide coaching, and handle objections
  • Conversation Intelligence: Learn topic trends, team’s winning talk-patterns, and deal insights
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Accelerate your revenue and success goals with Conversation Intelligence.

Analyze your sales and customer conversations at scale with AI. Get actionable insights for each rep to close more deals and delight customers.
For Sales & Customer Success Reps

Focus on conversations and get more selling time back with an AI Meeting Assistant.

Get AI-generated notes for key topics, capture important notes using Transcript highlights, and save these notes automatically to CRM records.
For Cross-functional Remote Teams

Share customer needs, and get feedback effortlessly to move deals forward faster.

Share voice of the customer with recordings, snippets, and augmented notes to collaborate instantly instead of typing everything manually.

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