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Recordings and Notes

View recordings, notes, and transcriptions on the move

Get the full playback experience on your phone - you can speed up, rewind, skip ahead, auto-scroll the transcription, or use speaker identification to watch specific parts of the recording. And revisit key details of the conversation with notes categorized by topics.
Create Playlists

Build playlists to coach your team on winning practices

Curate recordings to showcase your biggest deal wins, your most successful product demos, or your most meticulous discovery calls. Add calls to existing playlists to help your team learn and improve their performance.
Share meetings and snippets

Share and collaborate with your team instantly

Provide feedback and discuss learnings from conversations with your team using the Comments section. Quickly create and share snippets from the mobile app to highlight key moments from conversations.
Record offline meetings

Capture offline conversations with ease

No more scribbling notes during in-person meetings. Record and upload your meetings on the Avoma mobile app, and get AI-generated notes and transcripts for your offline conversations as well!
Download recordings

Access your meeting recordings offline

You no longer need to worry about losing internet connectivity. You can download your meetings on the Avoma mobile app and get uninterrupted access to your recordings even when you’re offline.
Mobile App

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conversations on the go.

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