Ep. 30: How simple changes to coaching can elevate performance

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Episode Summary

In this episode, we're shaking things up a bit as Erin Hartje, Head of Brand at Avoma, steps into the hosting seat. We are diving deep into the world of coaching with none other than Aditya Kothadiya, CEO of Avoma.As we step into 2024 with aspirations for growth and improvement, coaching takes center stage in our discussion. Aditya shares invaluable insights into why coaching should be a top priority for leaders across various teams, not just in sales but also in customer success, marketing, and beyond.Drawing from Avoma's expertise, we explore practical ways to implement effective coaching practices. From setting up regular, proactive coaching sessions to utilizing AI for personalized feedback, we talk about actionable steps leaders can take to elevate team performance.But it's not all just about the processes—it's about the culture. We delve into the importance of embedding a coaching culture within organizations, right from the hiring process. How to find the right fit for your team, someone who embraces feedback and values continuous improvement.Tune in and get ready to elevate your coaching game!

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