Interaction Intelligence

Learn and improve from every interaction. Know what’s working and what’s not, and fix the gaps.

Filler Words

Become aware of the filler words you use across all your conversations.

Just because you use filler words, doesn't mean you will lose deals. But becoming aware of the fillers you use and reducing them over time, vastly improves the overall customer conversation experience.
Monologues Vs. Interactions

Get insights into your monologues & customer interaction ratio.

Improve your active listening skills by getting insights into your longest monologues devoid of customer or prospect interactions. Know where you stand in terms of your organization average of monologues vs. customer stories.
Talk-to-Listen Ratio

Encourage a culture of health talk-to-listen ratio across all your meetings.

Get insights into your talk-to-listen ratio for all your meetings. The talk-time leaderboard also shows you where you stand in terms of your talk-range amongst your peers in the organization.
Customer-to-Team Question Ratio

Improve conversations with a healthy customer-to-team question ratio.

There’s always a thin line between genuinely asking questions to understand a customer vs. making it feel like an interrogation. Avoma helps you maintain a healthy question ratio by gamifying the experience across the organization.

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