Avoma AI automatically scores each sales call
Automated Inbound Lead Routing

Set up your lead routing rules effortlessly

Lead Routing for Avoma Scheduler lets you implement your routing logic using easy-to-build ‘IF - THEN’ conditions. You can configure a router with multiple conditions in just a few clicks. Your buyers will be booking meetings with the right salesperson in no time!
Integration with HubSpot Forms

HubSpot forms and Avoma Lead Router: Better Together

Avoma’s one-click integration with HubSpot gives you access to all your marketing forms right within Avoma. Build your routing rules using HubSpot form fields, and specify the right destination for your leads. Without ever leaving Avoma!
Avoma's AI Scorecard showing if topics were addressed or missed
Dashboard from Avoma's Auto Scoring by AI to show sales and customer success progress across all conversations
CRM Conditions

Route existing leads to account owners

Your existing leads/customers should not have to start from scratch because they were routed to a new salesperson! Avoma checks for existing leads and routes them to their respective account owners, to ensure a personalized experience in every conversation.
Router Reports

Monitor routing performance with actionable reports

Keep track of the volume of meetings being assigned to each salesperson. Analyze the quality of leads and tweak your routing rules to meet your business objectives.
Dashboard showing key topics by sales rep across all calls like addressing pain points or scheduling follow-up meeting

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Avoma integrates with your favorite tools


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