Meeting Assistant

Save hours in note-taking and improve meeting outcomes with active participation.

Auto Meeting Recording

Automatically record your meetings across all web conference tools and dialers.

Avoma automatically records both the audio and video of all meetings so that you can listen to or watch them anytime. You can also listen to the conversations of your team members for learning and coaching purposes.
Real-time Transcription

Transform all your calls and meetings into a searchable knowledge base.

Avoma seamlessly gathers consent from all the meeting participants and generates highly accurate transcripts in real time, making all your conversations a searchable knowledge base across the organization.
Speaker Identification

No more guessing who said what, at what time, and the conversation context.

Listen to more calls in less time with topics & speakers automatically identified. Avoma automatically identifies the speakers, gives you the topic breakdown of the conversation, offers insights into each speakers' talk-time and talk-to-listen ratio, and more.
Topic Detection

Save hours listening to entire conversations. Get the meeting context in minutes.

Avoma understands all your conversations and smartly categories them under topics such as Business Need, Pain Points, Next Steps, etc. You can instantly get the context, without having to listen to the entire conversation.
Keyword Tracking

Track key business signals proactively to take actions that propel your business.

Set up aggregated trends and alerts —don’t let another signal slip through the cracks. Be it aggregated trackers such as the most requested product features, or, individual and org-wide alerts—Avoma has you covered.

Integrate with your favorite tools.





Avoma integrates with your favorite tools


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