Auto Meeting Recording

Learn from conversations across the board to understand your customers, get insights to coach your team, and a lot more.

Privacy-aware AI

Schedule your meetings and let Avoma manage your meeting privacy intelligently.

Avoma accesses your calendar, understands your meeting context and intelligently adjusts the privacy settings. For instance, your internal 1:1 feedback conversations will be accessible to the meeting participants only.
Audio and Video Recording

Record your meetings across all web conferencing applications and dialers.

Avoma automatically records both the audio and video of all meetings so that you can listen to or watch them anytime. You can also listen to the conversations of your team members for learning and coaching purposes.
Intelligent Notes

Save hours in note-taking and improve outcomes with active participation.

Get AI-generated notes for all your conversations, which automatically syncs to your CRM (without you having to manually update it). Actively participate in your conversations and improve meeting outcomes.

Integrate with your favorite tools.





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