Keyword Tracking

Track and identify key business signals proactively to take actions that propel your business.

Aggregated Trends

Track aggregated trends based on your business and functional needs.

With Avoma, you can set up aggregated trends for any keyword or a set of keyword phrases for any category. For example, you can set up trackers to understand the most requested product features, number of filler words used on sales calls, and lot more.
Daily and Weekly Alerts

Set up daily and weekly alerts for instances that cannot wait for aggregation.

Avoma allows you to set up daily and weekly alerts for situations where you cannot wait for aggregated information. For example, if you want to track potential customer churn signals, you can set up daily alerts for customer utterances of phrases such as 'leadership change’, ‘in-house initiatives’, etc.
Private and Organization Alerts

Set up different visibility criteria for your alerts based on your use case.

Create private and organization-wide alerts based on your needs. Private alerts are helpful for situations where you need to be alerted on a signal you are tracking whereas, organization alerts help in cases that need wider visibility.

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