Speaker Identification

No more guessing who said what, at what time, and the conversation context.

Topics and Speaker Tracks

Listen to more calls in less time with topics & speakers automatically identified.

Avoma automatically identifies the topics of discussion and the individual speakers. It also gives you the topic breakdown of the conversation, insights into each speakers' talk-time and their talk-to-listen ratio.
Monologue Identification

Improve on your active listening skills, with insights into your monologues.

Avoma gives you insights into your monologues, i.e., the longest period you spoke at a stretch without being conversational. Improve your resonance with insights on the engagement levels of your customers.
Conversation Timestamps

Focus on the conversation and active listening, and still never miss any detail.

Both your AI generated Notes as well as Transcripts are time-stamped and linked to the recording, so you can listen to it later. Listen to the entire conversation in less time by clicking on topics of your interest.

Integrate with your favorite tools.





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