Topic Detection

Save hours in listening to entire conversations. Get the context of all the meetings across the board, in minutes.

Smart Categories

Get more context in less time with automatic topic detection & categorization.

Avoma understands all your conversations and smartly categories them under topics such as Business Need, Pain Points, Next Steps, etc. You can instantly get the context, without having to listen to the entire conversation.
Time-stamped Bookmarking

Augment on top of your AI-generated notes, with a few easy clicks.

Augment with AI in real-time by contextually clicking bookmark categories such as Pain Points, Feedback, as you converse. The notes get captured under the selected topics in real time, thus improving the quality of your notes.
Conversation Timestamps

Focus on the conversation and active listening, and still never miss any detail.

Both your AI generated Notes as well as Transcripts are time-stamped and linked to the recording, so you can listen to it later. Listen to the entire conversation in less time by clicking on topics of your interest.

Integrate with your favorite tools.





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