Deal Intelligence

Don’t lose another deal slip through the cracks. Take action on time, every single time.

Pipeline Health

Get an instant overview of the health of all deals in your sales pipeline.

With Avoma's Deal Intelligence, you can understand the health of your sales pipeline, at a glance. Know which of your deals are progressing, and which are at the risk of stalling and take action on time.
Account-level Engagement

Know the engagement of all your deals, down to the account-level.

Never let a deal slip through the cracks, by being on top of the engagement levels of each account. Get detailed and drilled-down insights into conversations, activities, deal stage progression, and more for each deal in your pipeline.
Cross-functional Collaboration

Get the right people on your deals, at the right time. Close deals faster.

Instantly know the stakeholders engaging on any deal, both from your side as well from the customer's side. Collaborate across functions and bring the right people on your deal, based on your deal-stages.

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