Meeting Management

Prepare, collaborate and search across all meetings in one central place.

Shared Templates

Create and share templates that get automatically assigned to your meetings.

Create and share purpose-based meeting templates across functions in your organization. Ensure no one ever misses discussing any of they key topics in their meetings ever again.
Collaborative Note Editor

Collaborate on notes with your colleagues across functions in real time.

Collaborate on note-taking in real time, i.e., take notes, view and edit them together at the same time. Avoma also time-stamps your notes and links it contextually to your meeting recording, so you can listen to it later.
Live Bookmarking

Bookmark the key moments in your conversations, without getting distracted.

Just click on the bookmark categories and Avoma does the rest. All your notes get captured under those categories with time-stamps linked to the meeting recording, so you can listen to it later.
AI Generated Notes

Let AI take notes for you and update your CRM, while you focus on the conversation.

AI summarized notes isn't another name for conversation transcriptions. Avoma offers a one-pager bulleted conversation summary that automatically syncs to your CRM.
Augmented Notes

Never miss out on the key points in your conversation summary, even if AI does.

Avoma allows you to augment your conversation summary and add more to it—not just manually but also by selecting from the AI-generated transcript and adding it to your notes including the appropriate category.

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Avoma integrates with your favorite tools


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