Collaborative Note Editor

Collaborate on meeting notes, with your colleagues  across functions and teams in real time.

Real-time Collaboration

Get on the same page with your team, literally and instantly.

Collaborate on note-taking in real time, i.e., take notes, view and edit them together at the same time. Avoma also time-stamps your notes and links it contextually to your meeting recording, so you can listen to it later.
Smart Tagging

Collaborate with your team smartly and easily by tagging them.

Simply type “@” — and it triggers a dropdown of team members you want to collaborate with. Your colleagues are instantly notified about any notes, edits or comments you make.
Private Notes

Take private notes for your own reference such as takeaways, to-dos, etc.

Avoma also understands that not every note needs to be collaborative and offers an exclusive section for your private notes. These notes, as the name suggests, are only visible to you.

Integrate with your favorite tools.





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