Scorecards & Coaching

Close the quality gap with scoring and coaching feedback loops. Improve with every interaction.

Meeting Scorecards

Objectively score conversations based on context and set criteria.

Identify conversation areas to improve. Measure performance based on independent as well as aggregate scores against the set criteria for calls and meetings.
Call Coaching

Create purpose-based scorecards for different calls and meetings.

Create multiple scorecards by setting up scoring criteria for various meetings such as discovery calls, demos, interviews, and more. Take control of call coaching messaging and more.
Comments & Feedback

Build a culture of transparency and feedback across the organization.

Anyone in your organization can learn from internal and customer-facing conversations. Using Avoma you can asynchronously offer feedback or share thoughts without the need to schedule more meetings.
Cross-functional Tagging

Collaborate with your team smartly and easily by tagging them.

Break down the silos and collaborate with your colleagues before and during the meetings by simply tagging them. They'll instantly be notified about any notes, edits or comments you make.

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Avoma integrates with your favorite tools


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