Gainsight Pulse 2022

Meet Avoma—a powerful way to analyze customer conversations.

Avoma is an all-in-one conversation intelligence solution that helps you to unlock hidden insights, coach and onboard CSMs faster, and improve customer retention. Delight your customers, expand revenue, and reduce churn.

  • Ensure smooth AE to CSM handoff

  • Improve customer experience

  • Reduce potential churn

  • Provide strategic value

We will be hanging out at #B9!

To get a product demo, book a meeting. Or just say hi to us for a quick chat about how Avoma can help you make the most out of your customer conversations.

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Accelerate your key success goals.

Delight Customers & Increase Satisfaction

Increase Adoption & Customer LTV

Reduce Customer & Revenue Churn

Foster Company-wide Customer Feedback

Coach & Onboard CSMs Faster

Increase CSM Productivity

Let's record a podcast together!

Avoma’s Co-Founder & CEO Aditya Kothadiya along with our Head of Customer Success Mark Stagi will be capturing CS Industry best practices from our customers and other CS professionals at the event. These will be hosted as part of The Modern SaaS Podcast.

Schedule a time to come in and share your insights or just stop by and we’ll fit you in! We want to hear about the biggest challenges to be addressed by CS professionals, where do you add technology to solve these problems, and what good or suboptimal experiences have you had with them.

We’ll consolidate these growth opportunities and share them as part of the podcast for you and your fellow customer success colleagues to add within your own CS playbook.

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Prioritize Customer Success

Customer success is where 90% of the revenue is. Customer success is the most important profit center for any SaaS business because it’s at the epicenter of customer relationships. If you’re worried about churn—you’re not alone.

A churn mark above 5% threatens to rock your company’s existence. To keep churn under check, give your customer success teams the tools to control the outcome of every customer conversation.

Leverage Avoma to enhance customer value and improve retention metrics.
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Product overview

  • Automatic Call Recordings & Notes

    Avoma lets you get visibility into customer meetings with automatic recordings and AI-generated notes. Avoma’s note-taker is like your own personal assistant. Never miss out on an action item from a meeting and create more seamless handoffs with context at your fingertips.

  • Topic Trends & Talk Pattern Insights

    With Avoma, you can analyze trends of product issues, adoption friction, or feature requests for data-driven and personalized coaching. Learn the talk patterns of top CSMs to coach others accordingly.

  • Recording Snippets

    Use Recording Snippets to share the voice of the customer and share first-hand customer feedback with the product team to ensure important information is not lost in thin air.

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Avoma integrates with your favorite tools


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