For Customer Success Leaders

Get visibility into customer conversations to delight customers, expand revenue, and reduce churn.

Record, transcribe, and analyze customer conversations at scale with AI.
A leading Conversation Intelligence solution for Customer Success leaders.

Accelerate your key success goals.

Delight Customers & Increase Satisfaction

Increase Adoption & Customer LTV

Reduce Customer & Revenue Churn

Foster Company-wide Customer Feedback

Coach & Onboard CSMs Faster

Increase CSM Productivity

Unlock hidden insights from customer conversations to prioritize customer issues and increase satisfaction.

Automatic Recordings & Transcripts

Get visibility into customer meetings with automatic recordings and transcripts.

Don’t let another important conversation disappear into thin air. Understand the objective reality about what customers are truly saying.
Speakers & Topics Identification

Listen to more calls in less time with key topics & speakers automatically identified.

Gone are the days of just recording meetings and never listening to them. Go to specific speakers and topics or search for keywords in the transcript to listen to recordings 4x faster.

Identify winning talk patterns of top CSMs and coach others in less time vs shadowing live meetings.

Topic Trends & Talk Pattern Insights

Learn what’s working and what’s not with topic and talk pattern trends.

Analyze trends of product issues, adoption friction, or feature requests for data-driven and personalized coaching. Learn the talk patterns of top CSMs to coach others accordingly.
Curated Playlists

Coach and onboard CSMs faster with curated playlists of your top CSMs’ best talk tracks.

Save your top CSMs’ best moments like up-sell, cross-sell, issue handling, etc. into curated playlists. Let other CSMs listen to these playlists to ramp-up faster compared to shadowing live meetings.

Foster collaboration and information sharing between Success and Product teams to prioritize customer issues.

Recording Snippets

Share the voice of the customer using Recording Snippets of key moments.

Create video recording snippets instantly and share them with the product team to hear customer feedback first hand. Ensure important information is never lost again.
Voice of the Customer

Empower cross-functional teams to learn customer feedback proactively.

Let product and marketing teams search for custom phrases and learn trends of feature requests or issues so they can proactively build the right product and write help documentation.

Boost CSMs’ productivity by augmenting their note-taking with AI to ensure timely CRM data entry.

AI Summarized Notes

Get AI-generated summarized notes for key topics without fail.

Avoma's AI will automatically extract summarized notes for key topics like Next Steps, Pain Points, Objections, Positive Moments, Questions Asked, etc. – for every single customer meeting.
Augmented Notes

Capture detailed and structured notes for custom categories in less time.

No AI can ever replace 100% of note-taking. With our augmented note-taking experience, CSMs can bookmark key moments live and highlight transcript text to capture detailed and structured notes in just a few clicks.

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