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Stay on top of your team’s updates with AI summarized notes for Engineering meetings.

An end-to-end AI Meeting Assistant for remote teams.
Automatically record, transcribe, and summarize your daily standup meetings.
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AI Summarized Notes

Get AI summarized notes delivered for your team’s standup meetings.

AI will extract summarized notes for every participant based on categories like "Done Yesterday", "Do Today", "Blockers", and also Questions Asked.
Recordings & Transcripts

Search for keywords in the transcript and listen to the topic of interest in recording.

Automatically record meetings and get high-quality transcripts. Also type manual notes and have it linked to transcript automatically.
Speakers & Topics

Listen to calls in less time with key topics & speakers identified automatically.

Go to specific speakers and topics identified automatically or search for topics of interest in transcripts to listen to recordings faster.
Share Recording Snippets

Share recordings Snippets of key moments instantly for faster collaboration.

Create recording snippets and share with the team with unique link. Stop writing the same updates again. Instead, share snippets from your standup meeting.

Integrate with your favorite tools.





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