One of the values that Avoma offers is—it automates your low-value mundane tasks such as taking notes, updating the CRM, analyzing your meetings and more, thus letting you actively focus on the high-value conversations.

Today, we are excited to announce Avoma's seamless integration with Pipedrive CRM, continuing our efforts towards enabling that. With this integration, you no longer need to spend countless hours after a meeting to enter notes into the Pipedrive records. 

The Avoma- Pipedrive integration ensures that you get AI-generated notes (conversation summary) with action items for all your meetings and calls, which automatically syncs to your Pipedrive CRM. 

The integration ensures that no information is lost in thin air, helping you follow up with your prospects promptly, close more deals, and delight more customers.

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The Avoma-Pipedrive integration—what it means to Pipedrive customers

As you might already know, Pipedrive is a leading sales CRM platform for growing organizations that also works as an account-management tool with the ability to assist with marketing and the entire sales process.

Avoma's integration with Pipedrive adds value to your sales conversations across three stages of the meeting lifecycle:

Before the meeting 

Avoma helps you instantly prepare for all your upcoming meetings with the help of its meeting agenda templates. Based on the meeting title, the Avoma app automatically detects the purpose of the meeting, such as Discovery, Demo, Interview, 1:1, All Hands, etc. and inserts the right agenda template accordingly. It helps you prepare for a meeting without manually copying and pasting the agenda every time.

During the meeting

Avoma automatically records, transcribes and analyzes all your conversations during your meetings, thus making all your meetings and calls a searchable knowledge repository.

After the meeting

After the meeting, you can watch and listen to the recording by browsing specific points of interest with various topics and speakers identified or searching for specific phrases in the transcript. So now you don't have to guess who said what at what time. 

Also, you can get insights into the talk patterns of your best sales reps, which can help in sales coaching across the board —  the topics they spend the most time on, the order in which they bring up certain topics, and more.

You can also save these best moments and meetings to curated playlists for instantly sharing the voice of the customer with the product team, coaching and onboarding new team members in half the time, and more. 

Beyond all the above, the Avoma-Pipedrive integration helps Pipedrive customers extend the learnings from those conversations to other functions such as marketing, product, engineering, and more. It democratizes customer intelligence across functions, thus accelerating the organization's overall growth.

Key highlights of the integration

  • Now you can transcribe and analyze all web conferencing meetings and sync them to Pipedrive
  • Automatically link your meetings in Avoma with the appropriate Contact, Company, or Deal records in Pipedrive
  • Automatically sync Avoma's AI Summarized Notes to appropriate records in Pipedrive after your meetings 
  • Update manually edited notes in Avoma to the same Notes instance in Pipedrive 
  • Filter meetings in Avoma based on Deal Stage and Deal Amount from Pipedrive

How it helps Sales Leadership

The VPs and other sales leaders can now directly get visibility and aggregated insights across all sales conversations. It helps them proactively learn about critical moments and potential pipeline risks and guide sales reps at the right time—ensuring that no deal slips through the cracks.

How it helps SDRs and AEs

The SDRs and AEs can focus on the conversations actively and be on top of their objection handling game, and stop worrying about taking notes during their conversations and the possibility of missing key customer details. Avoma AI meeting assistant takes care of the call recording, notes, and transcripts.

Here's an example from Avoma's meeting summary where the AI assistant automatically summarizes your meetings or calls and breaks them into categories such as Pain Points, Objections, Next Steps, etc.

Here's an example from Avoma's meeting summary where the AI assistant automatically summarizes your meetings or calls and breaks them into categories such as Pain Points, Objections, Next Steps, etc.

Thus, the integration ensures that the AEs can boost your productivity by getting more selling time.

How it helps Marketing and Customer Success

All the sales conversations become a knowledge base for your marketing and customer success teams. The account handoff to Customer Success Managers (CSMs) can happen seamlessly as the CSMs will now have a better account context. Similarly, the cross-functional access to these conversations helps functions like marketing understand the kind of questions customers and prospects often have so that they can better adapt their marketing and sales enablement strategies.

How it helps Product and Engineering teams

Product teams can now be on top of product adoption, feature requests trends by gleaning into your customer and prospect conversations. More importantly, using a conversation intelligence platform along with your CRM also helps establish a healthy feedback loop between engineering and customer-facing teams.

Lastly, here's how to set up Avoma:

And if you need help, our onboarding specialist will be available to help you customize Avoma to work with your workflows.

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