One of the biggest problems that Avoma strives to solve is—making sure that intelligence from customer and prospect conversations aren’t confined within product, sales, customer support, and customer success teams. In other words, the intelligence gathered by the customer-facing teams need to be democratized across the organization, so that every function is able to glean intelligence from their own context.

For example, a product manager can leverage Avoma’s Trackers to understand the list of most requested features by their customers, aggregated from customer success conversations. And they can thus use the intelligence to reprioritize the product roadmap accordingly.

But as the world continues to work remotely, most sales teams have grown to depend heavily on dialers  such as AirCall, Outreach, etc. for their conversations with their prospects and customers. To ensure no information or discussion is lost in thin air, it becomes very important for organizations to make sure that all the conversations are available in a central location—recorded, transcribed, summarized, and analyzed.

In an effort towards that, Avoma now integrates with another dialer—Salesloft.  

The Avoma-Salesloft integration

We're super excited to announce Avoma’s integration with Salesloft

As you might already know, Salesloft is a leading sales engagement platform that helps companies streamline everything from initial customer outreach to follow up, tracking conversations, and understanding analytics. 

With time, Salesloft took another step to evolve it’s offering to the next layer—Conversations. With the introduction of ‘Conversations’, Salesloft acknowledged the need to add more value and genuine interactions back to customer-facing conversations, with coaching insights.  

While their sales coaching insights (similar to Avoma’s offering) helps improve the quality of sales conversations, we knew that integrating Avoma to Salesloft would help in extending the learnings from those conversations to other functions such as marketing, product, engineering, and more.

How to improve collaboration between cross-functional teams?

What this integration means for Avoma users

With the Avoma-Salesloft integration, you can now translate all your customer-facing conversations done on the Salesloft Dialer into a searchable knowledge base on Avoma for all your cross-functional teams to leverage based on their needs. Further, all your conversation outcomes updated on SalesLoft, syncs to Avoma with the SalesLoft logo indicating the sync.

The integration enables everyone across your organization to:

  • Search, access, and play the calls done via Salesloft
  • Get a complete transcript of their calls including insights on who spoke, when, and for how long
  • Automatically get summarized notes of their conversations including action items, which get updated to your CRM
  • Learn and take actions based on the overall conversation intelligence and deal intelligence

How it helps SDRs and Account Executives (AEs)

The SDRs and AEs can focus on the conversations actively and be on top of their objection handling game, and stop worrying about taking notes during their conversations and the possibility of missing key customer details. 

Avoma not only transcribes your calls done via Salesloft but also gives you an automated one-page overview of the entire conversation that captures the key points discussed and the next steps. 

Here’s an example from Avoma’s meeting summary where the AI assistant automatically summarizes your meetings or calls and breaks them into categories such as Pain Points, Objections, Next Steps, etc.

Thus, the integration ensures that the AEs can boost your productivity by getting back more selling time.

How it helps Marketing and Customer Success

Now you will be able to analyze all your customer conversations on Salesloft and identify trends in product issues, adoption friction, or feature requests for data-driven and personalized coaching. You can share the playlists of customer check-in conversations with other CSMs on your team to ramp up the coaching.

The cross-functional access to these conversations helps functions like marketing to understand the kind of questions customers and prospects often have so that they can adapt their marketing and sales enablement strategies better.

How it helps Product and Engineering teams

Product teams can now be on top of product adoption, feature requests trends by gleaning into your Salesloft conversations. More importantly, it also helps establish a healthy feedback loop between engineering and customer-facing teams.

Final words...

We understand that if you want to run your sales operations like a well-oiled machine, you need a process that goes beyond coaching intelligence. You need a strong feedback loop and collaborations across functions such as product, marketing, and customer success. We’re confident that the integration between Salesloft and Avoma will help you democratize customer intelligence across the organization.

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