Revenue Intelligence

What is Revenue Intelligence?

Revenue Intelligence refers to the intelligence you get from collecting and analyzing key account information based on engagement and deal progression. The insights you get as part of revenue intelligence include deal progression activities, deals that are potentially at risk, trends, opportunities, and more. 

Revenue Intelligence operates in a way similar to conversation intelligence. Similar to how conversation intelligence is about recording, transcribing, and analyzing conversations to give you actionable insights—revenue intelligence helps you identify trends and gaps in revenue functions thus making your revenue operations more efficient.

What Revenue Insights does Avoma offer?

Avoma offers revenue insights to help you work smarter and ensure you don't let deals slip through the cracks. Avoma extends the power of conversation intelligence to RevOps which we  call as “deal intelligence.” With Avoma's Deal Intelligence, you can understand the health of your sales pipeline, at a glance. It lets you know which of your deals are progressing, which are at the risk of stalling, and the actions you can take on time to get desired outcomes. 

It gives you key insights such as: How engaged is your sales team with this critical account? Which competitors were mentioned in the conversations so far? Are the right stakeholders involved in the discussion from both sides?

Avoma’s revenue intelligence allows you to collaborate across functions and bring the right people on your deal, based on your deal-stages.

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