Ep. 28: Creating modern buyer experiences that convert

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Episode Summary

Are you delighting or frustrating buyers? Are you keeping pace with the latest trends buyers expect when they land on your website? Are you staying top of mind? 🤔

Aditya and Natalie Marcotullio, Head of Growth and Operations at Navattic, kick back to chat about the best practices for creating modern buying experiences that actually convert.

Discover strategies to turn visitors into customers, beginning with your website's explainer video and how you present (or hide) pricing. Make sure you're effectively showcasing the true value of your product, making it a no-brainer for potential buyers.

Aditya and Natalie also dive into some additional tips for PLG companies when choosing the right channels for your audience, how to build nurture campaigns and starting your own influencer program to keep your brand top of mind.

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