Automatically Sync AI Generated Notes to CRM


Avoma can now auto-sync meeting notes to your connected CRM. Anytime you make an edit or addition to your notes in Avoma, the field within your CRM will be instantly updated.


To continue to automate routine meeting tasks, and allow you to focus on high-level activities.


While in the Notes tab, you will see a CRM sync button. By default, you can manually initiate a sync anytime by pressing the sync button, and “last sync time” will be displayed.

To enable auto-sync, turn on the feature within your CRM settings: Avoma Sidebar Menu > Your Profile Name > Settings > CRM

With tis feature turned on, your Avoma meeting notes will be automatically synced to your CRM five seconds after every edit.

Note: The meeting notes field within your CRM customer profile should always be edited within Avoma. If changes are made to this field from within the CRM, those changes will be over-written by any future edits to the meeting notes in Avoma.