Announcing Seamless HubSpot Integration

Today we are excited to announce seamless integration with HubSpot CRM and dialer.

With this integration, now you no longer have to spend countless hours after a meeting is over entering notes into HubSpot records.

You can always ensure timely data entry and prompt follow-ups with prospect, which will help you close more deals and delight more customers.

Key Highlights

  • Automatically link your meetings in Avoma with appropriate Contact, Company, or Deal records in HubSpot
  • Automatically sync Avoma's AI Summarized Notes to appropriate records in HubSpot after the meeting is done
  • Update manually edited notes in Avoma to the same Notes instance in HubSpot
  • Transcribe and Analyze all HubSpot Dialer Calls in Avoma along with web conferencing meetings
  • Filter meetings in Avoma based on Deal Stage and Deal Amount from HubSpot

To connect your Avoma account with the HubSpot account, follow these step by step instructions:

Let us know your feedback on additional enhancements or any issues you face by emailing at