Announcing A More Affordable Lite Plan for Remote Teams

With the new functionality for remote teams, we realized that Avoma could be useful for teams who are not revenue-focused, like Design, Product Management, Engineering, and many others.

These teams may want to use Avoma only for their internal meetings, so they might not be interested in Avoma’s advanced functionality for customer-facing teams like CRM integration, coaching insights, conversation trends, etc.

So we thought about whether we should make Avoma more affordable to teams who do not need more advanced functionalities that are required for external meetings.

Lite Plan

We’re excited to share we introduced a new Lite plan that you can use Avoma for all your internal meetings. It starts at $20/user/mo with an annual commitment or $25/user/mo with a monthly commitment.

We only charge users who actively record and transcribe their meetings - all of their team members can collaborate on Avoma for free.

So if you’re a Product Manager who wants to record all your product-related meetings - including spring planning, stand-ups, brainstorms, etc., you only pay for your seat. The rest of your product team can listen to your meetings and review the transcript and notes for free.

We hope this will make it a no-brainer decision for you get started with Avoma. If you have any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to reach us at