A Better Way to Manage Recurring Meetings

Since we opened Avoma for internal meetings, where a majority of those meetings tend to be recurring, e.g. Pipeline Reviews, Daily Standups, Weekly Team Updates, etc., we decided to provide a better experience to manage recurring meetings.

Until now, if you wanted to change any setting for a meeting (e.g. disable recording, make it private, etc.), those changes only affected that particular meeting instance.

But with these new changes, you can update not only a specific meeting instance, but also the entire series.

Recurring vs Non-Recurring

First of all, you can easily identify which meeting is a recurring or not based on different icons and respective tool tip shown near date and time of the meeting time.

Change Recording State

Below example shows the experience when you want to Enable Recording for a particular recurring meeting.

Once you click on Enabling Recording, it will show below options to enable recording only for that meeting instance or that and future meetings in that series.

Change Privacy Settings

Here's is another example where you can make a particular recurring meeting Private to your team. To make meeting Private (i.e. visible to only participants) vs visible to your team, look for more details option at the end of the right side of a meeting entry.

Once you click on "Make Meeting Private", you will see below options, with an additional option to make All meetings (i.e. both past and upcoming) from that series Private.

We hope you'll like these changes and it will make your life a whole easier to manage recurring meetings in Avoma.

Let us know if you have any additional feedback, suggestions or face any issues by emailing us at help@avoma.com.