5-Part Customer Skills Series

Avoma's Summer School Series

We're here to help you get the most out of Avoma, making your daily workflow smoother and your life easier.

Session 1

Mastering Meeting Preparation: how to use AI to book and prepare better meetings and agendas

June 25th 10AM PDT | 1PM EDT

  • How to 2x your pipeline with more meetings with the right buyers, instantly with smart scheduling
  • Reduce no-shows and prepare instantly before every meeting to ensure you invest your time wisely.
  • Prepare instantly to ask the right questions every single time with agenda templates

Session 2

Be more efficient during meetings using integrated AI, collaboration and Zoom app features

July 16th 10AM PDT | 1PM EDT

  • Discover how AI note-taking can save you 15 mins per meeting, allowing you to be more present and achieve better outcomes
  • Work with your team in real time on meeting notes, so everyone's on the same page and ready to dive into tasks
  • Leverage Avoma’s AI with our Zoom app to capture every meeting detail seamlessly and stay up to date after every conversation

Session 3

Nail post meeting activities: how to review calls, utilize AI notes, and share insights effortlessly

July 30th 10AM PDT | 1PM EDT

  • How you can save 10+ hours every week on listening to sales calls to give feedback to your team members
  • Stay on top of your post-meeting tasks with AI notes, comments, snippets, and automated alerts
  • Discover how to effectively review calls and edit notes, extract insights and action items, and share meeting summaries

Session 4

Never flop another deal: how to properly set up deal boards and automate 2-way CRM sync

August 13th 1PM PDT | 4PM EDT

  • How you can automatically 2-way sync AI notes to your CRM records and send important deal data into Avoma
  • Find all your pipeline answers in one spot with real-time views of deals at every stage
  • Understand the health and movement of every deal to run better pipeline reviews and forecasting meetings

Session 5

Maximizing ROI with AI using scorecards, revenue intelligence alerts and Avoma’s new ROI dashboard

August 27th 1PM PDT | 4PM EDT

  • How you can use insights from AI scorecard dashboards to look for trends in team performance
  • Increase deal win rate with AI-powered deal risk alerts based on deal health, buyer engagement, and seller activity
  • Ensure your team is adopting and benefiting from Avoma with our new usage intelligence reports to track ROI and utilization metrics

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