If you have been following our journey launching the AI Meeting Assistant for Remote Teams live, the day is finally here!

If you are new to the Live Launch series, we’ve been sharing how we are launching this functionality in the span of two weeks, detailing how we operate and how we make decisions here at Avoma (including video snippets from our actual meetings).

With all the hard work the team has put in these last two weeks, we are excited to announce many new enhancements in Avoma designed specifically for remote teams.

AI note-taking assistant for standup meetings

When was the last time you: 

  • Didn’t join a standup meeting since you were double-booked but needed to know if a particular issue was resolved or not?
  • Didn’t pay attention during a call but needed to refer back to an important detail discussed during the call?

Probably not too long ago.

Now you can automatically record, transcribe, and summarize your Daily Standups - so you don’t have to worry about missing any details and can catch up on important updates in less time.

Here’s a snapshot of our GTM team’s Daily Standup updates automatically extracted by Avoma:

You can get started with no additional charge if you’re already on the Plus or Premium plan, otherwise, you can subscribe to the new Lite plan.

Here are a few instructions on how you can enable Avoma for your Daily Standup meetings: https://help.avoma.com/ai-note-taking-assistant-for-standup-meetings

Transcribe and summarize internal meetings

Since the beginning, we primarily focused on customer-facing meetings. With the new normal of working remotely, almost all meetings (Pipeline Reviews, Daily Standups, Weekly Team Meetings, Design Reviews, Project Brainstorms, etc.) are now happening over video conferencing.

When you meet with your team to strategize on deals, brainstorm product and design ideas, or discuss new go-to-market plans, why should that information disappear into thin air once the meeting is over?

Now we make it easy for you to select if you want to transcribe and analyze only external meetings, internal meetings, or both.

An internal meeting is a meeting where only people from your organization are invited. An external meeting is one where at least one member outside of your organization has been invited. We detect if a participant is from within your organization or outside based on the domain of your work email address.

With these enhancements, you can access important insights from both internal as well as external meetings in the same unified experience and be more productive and effective across all meetings.

Better experience for recurring meetings

Since we are opening Avoma for internal meetings, where a majority of those meetings tend to be recurring, e.g. Pipeline Reviews, Daily Standups, Weekly Team Updates, etc., we decided to provide a better experience to manage recurring meetings.

Until now, if you wanted to change any setting for a meeting (e.g. disable recording, make it private, etc.), those changes only affected that particular meeting instance.

But with these new changes, you can update not only a specific meeting instance, but also the entire series as shown below.

New and more affordable Lite plan

With this new functionality for remote teams, we also realized that Avoma could be useful for other teams who are not revenue-focused, like Design, Product Management, Engineering, and many others. 

These teams may want to use Avoma only for internal meetings, so they might not be interested in Avoma’s advanced functionality for customer-facing teams like CRM integration, coaching insights, conversation trends, etc. 

So we thought about if we should make Avoma more affordable to teams, who do not need more advanced functionalities that are required for external meetings.

We’re happy to share we introduced a new Lite plan that you can use Avoma for all your internal meetings. It starts at $20/user/mo with an annual commitment or $25/user/mo with a monthly commitment.

We only charge users who actively record and transcribe their meetings - all of their team members can collaborate on Avoma for free.

So if you’re a Product Manager who wants to record all your product-related meetings - including spring planning, stand-ups, brainstorms, etc., you only pay for your seat. The rest of your product team can listen to your meetings and review the transcript and notes for free.

Final thoughts

As everyone is still getting adjusted to the new normal of working remotely, we decided to do our bit by launching new functionality and better experiences that would help teams be more effective and efficient in their remote meetings.

It was fun sharing our journey with you, starting from inception to launch in just 2-3 weeks. It was a great opportunity for us to connect with you, our customers, and the larger remote community in some unique ways.

If you have any questions, feedback, or ideas on how can we improve your experience with remote meetings, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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