Meeting Intelligence

Increase deal win rate and reduce employee ramp time with contextual coaching insights.

Activity Dashboard

Get an instant overview of the conversations across the organization.

Avoma's Activity Dashboard gives you a consolidated summary of organization wide conversations. It also allows you to filter the total number of conversations and time spent on conversations by team, individual users, and more.
Interaction Intelligence

Learn from every interaction. Know what’s working and what’s not.

Get insights into your interactions—know your most used filler words, longest monologues devoid of customer or prospect interactions and a lot more.
Topic Intelligence

Know the topics your successful peers spend the most time on.

Get an overview of the collective average time spent by your colleagues on topics such as introductions, demo, pricing, during their meetings. Also know the time spent by each individual on the topics so that you can replicate what works.
Competitor Intelligence

Build your moats based on who you are most compared with.

No more assumptions about your competition landscape. Avoma gives you an instant overview of the most mentioned and least mentioned competitors, by your prospects and customers.
Deal Intelligence

Get an instant overview of the health of all deals in your sales pipeline.

With Avoma's Deal Intelligence, you can understand the health of your sales pipeline, at a glance. Know which of your deals are progressing, and which are at the risk of stalling and take action on time.

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Avoma integrates with your favorite tools


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