Why your inbound sales funnel needs lead routing

When a potential buyer shows interest in your product, you need to connect them to the right salesperson instantly. Showing canned messages such as ‘Our team will be in touch with you shortly’ or using antiquated email follow ups is the surest way to leave money on the table.

You may wonder why. A 2021 study found that conversion rates are 8X higher when the first call with a lead happens within five minutes of submitting a form. Evidently, when it comes to your inbound sales funnel, speed is the name of the game. Keeping your buyers waiting is like punching holes in your sales funnel.

So how can buyers connect with your sales team instantly? That’s where lead routing comes into play.

What is lead routing?

Lead routing allows sales teams to qualify their buyers by asking the right questions, segment their buyers based on their responses, and then route their buyers to a salesperson who is specialized in addressing the unique needs of a particular kind of buyer. Sales teams carefully define criteria to qualify their potential buyers - such as the buyer’s geography, company size, revenue, et al. For example, sales orgs create region-specific teams such as North America, Europe, and APAC.

Since sales teams cannot afford to waste time manually qualifying leads, automated lead routing solutions have become an industry standard for inbound sales. Accurately qualifying and routing buyers to the right salesperson, while eliminating delays, significantly increases lead-to-deal conversion rates. That means better deal win rates and higher revenue. And that’s why it is absolutely essential to incorporate a lead routing solution into your inbound sales funnel.

But there’s a catch. 

Businesses often find themselves saddled with needlessly complicated lead routing systems. Configuring the most basic lead routing workflows can be tedious and cumbersome. Not only does it take hours of painstaking effort to set up simple routing conditions, implementing the tiniest change to existing routing workflows can turn into an operational nightmare. Meanwhile, you could be losing out on precious pipeline opportunities, or worse frustrating your buyers with a poor experience.

What if there is a smarter, easier way to route leads to the right salesperson?

We simplified lead routing: Say hello to Lead Router for Avoma Scheduler

With Lead Router for Avoma Scheduler, you can set up your entire lead routing workflow from scratch in a matter of minutes. Avoma's intuitively designed UI makes it easy to define your routing rules, so you can accurately qualify your buyers, and route them to the right salesperson. All it takes is just a few clicks! Your buyers will be booking meetings with the right salesperson in no time.

And when your sales and marketing teams decide to create a new routing workflow, or modify an existing one (who doesn't like to experiment with and optimize their sales funnel, right?) you don't need to suffer sleepless nights anymore. Avoma makes it really easy to tweak your lead routing workflows. You shouldn't need a PhD in astrophysics to set up and manage lead routing!

Here's how Avoma has simplified lead routing:

Set up lead routing rules with ease

Build routing conditions effortlessly

Roll out your lead routing logic just the way you want, without breaking a sweat. Lead Router for Avoma Scheduler lets you implement an entire array of routing criteria using simple ‘IF - THEN’ conditional rules. It takes next to no time to configure a router with multiple conditions. Let's say you want to implement geography-based routing. You can define dedicated routing rules to check your buyers' location. For eg. 'IF Country is United States of America-', 'IF Country is Germany-', et al. And then, all you need to do is simply select the scheduling page of the respective regional sales team as the 'destination' (i.e 'THEN route to North America Sales Team' ). You can also route your leads to a custom URL of your choice. It's as easy as that!

Integrate seamlessly with HubSpot forms

Build routing rules using HubSpot form fields

Avoma’s one-click integration with HubSpot forms gives you access to all your sales/marketing lead capture forms right within Avoma. When you pick a form, all of its form fields and preset values are instantly available to you in the ‘Router Rules’ section. You can configure your lead routing rules to check whether the form responses meet your routing criteria. For example, let's say you have a dedicated team of Account Executives to handle mid-market accounts, i.e customers who purchase between 51 and 100 licenses.

How can you make sure leads looking to buy licenses in this range are exclusively handled by your mid-market sales team? Your routing conditions can check for the value of the form field 'Team size'. All the pre-defined value ranges for the 'Team size' field will be available to select from a drop-down.

You can define your routing rule based on the value of the 'Team size' as follows:
(1) 'Team size' is '1-50' THEN route to 'SMB Sales Team'
(2) 'Team size' is '51-100' THEN route to 'Mid-market Sales Team'
(3) 'Team size' is '101-200' THEN route to 'Enterprise Sales Team'

Deliver a personalized experience to your existing leads

Route existing leads to account owners

Marketers believe that 'If content is King, context is God'. The same is true for sales conversations as well. It is quite common that more than one person from the same organization could be evaluating your product. The tech stack that powers your sales funnel i.e, your marketing form-lead routing solution-CRM integration should possess the intelligence to NOT create multiple leads.

How should your sales funnel handle this? Every subsequent 'lead' from an organization that already exists in your CRM database, should be routed to the 'Contact Owner' for the original lead.

Why is this important? It is not practical for your sales team to have parallel conversations with the same organization. And more importantly, your existing leads/customers should not have to start from scratch because they were routed to a new salesperson! Thanks to our robust integration with HubSpot, Lead Router for Avoma Scheduler lets you check if a lead exists in your database and routes them to their existing account owner. That way you can make sure both your leads and your salespeople always have the right context for every conversation.

Monitor routing performance through actionable reports

Monitor routing performance with router reports

With Router Reports, you can monitor how leads are assigned to salespeople in real time. This allows you to tweak your routing rules based on routing outcomes, and ensure salespeople get an optimum number of meetings. Router Reports give you complete visibility into the entire funnel, right from form submission to scheduled meetings.

Summing up...

With Lead Router for Avoma Scheduler, you can ensure your buyers are connected with the right salesperson on time, every time. You can learn more about automating your lead routing with Avoma Scheduler here.

You can check out our product page for Lead Router.

But there’s one more thing. What if you could go beyond routing leads and scheduling meetings? Booking the first sales call is just the beginning of your buyers' journey. Every conversation with your buyer moves them closer to the finish line. And the insights from these conversations empower your sales and customer success teams to delight them at every step of the journey. And that's why you need Avoma.

With Avoma’s meeting assistant and revenue intelligence solution, you can:

Avoma is the only tool your sales and success teams will ever need. Talk to our product specialists today to learn how you can get started with Avoma!

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