Introducing Playlists — Curate & Learn from the Best Conversation Moments

We’re excited to release the Playlists functionality to save and curate the best moments from your team’s conversations, and enable faster experience for other peers to consume and learn from these best moments.

Don’t let another important conversation moment disappear into thin air.

Collection of peer-generated content via Playlists is the modern way to ramp-up and provide continuous training to your teams more efficiently in the growing remote working environment.

Curating best moments in Playlists allows:

  1. Sales teams to save best objection handling and closing moments to onboard teams in half time
  2. Customer success teams to save most commonly asked customer feedback and feature requests
  3. Product managers and marketing teams to refer to customer feedback, feature requests, and positive testimonials
  4. Internal project management teams to organize and track all project-related meetings

Leveraging playlists in Avoma is both efficient and effective for remote onboarding and developing your employees.

Playlists — Curate & learn from the best moments

Create a New Playlist 

To create a new playlist, open up the Playlist module and click to Create New Playlist. Give the Playlist a unique name and description.

Add a Recording to a Playlist

Go to Snippets tab within in the meeting, and select a recorded snippet(s), 

Then you will click on Add to Playlist icon as seen below:

Access Recording from Playlist

Select Playlist to view all the recordings part of the playlist collection. Select recording to listen and view.

Remove Recording from Playlist

Within the Playlist collection, you can select a recording to remove.

What’s Next? 

Through Avoma Comments, Snippets, and now Playlists, you’ll improve remote meeting collaboration efficiency while raising the skill-level of each individual and overall, the team’s performance.

Let us know if you face any issues or have any additional feedback and suggestions by emailing us at