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Get more things done in less time with instant collaboration for your video conferencing meetings

The most intuitive meeting collaboration experience for remote teams.
Calendar, video recordings, snippets, centralized notes, and more — in one place.

Turn your remote meetings into action.

Capture Important Details

Increase Team Productivity

Foster Team Collaboration

Access calendar, recordings, and notes — at one place, not all over the place.

Recordings Synced to Calendar Events

Automatically sync meeting recordings to Calendar events for faster discovery.

Stop scrambling across multiple places to access your meeting recordings. Search as per calendar events and access it instantly.
Time-stamped Notes to Recordings

Automatically have manually typed notes linked to recording for context.

Stop taking detailed notes during the meeting. Focus on the conversation, take only brief notes and refer recording timestamps for context.

Review and share information instantly with the help of AI and Video.

Speakers & Topics Identification

Listen to calls in less time with key topics & speakers identified automatically.

Stop guessing who said what and when. Go to automatically identified speakers and topics to listen to recordings in less time.
Share Recording Snippets

Share Video Snippets of key moments instantly for faster collaboration.

Create recording snippets and share with the team with unique link. Stop writing detailed notes, instead, share snippets.

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