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For Organizers

Meeting Management

Collaborate on note-taking and organize recordings at one place.
For Participants

Meeting Assistant

Get transcript and AI notes to focus on conversations.
For Teams

Meeting Collaboration

Collaborate with cross-functional teams for better alignment.
For Leaders

Meeting Intelligence

Learn critical insights for data-driven decisions and coaching.
Meeting Management

Prepare, collaborate and search across all meetings in one central place.

Never show up to a meeting without any preparation.

Prepare for meetings with agenda templates and call scripts and bring consistency across the team.

Use proven agenda templates instead of copying and pasting agenda every single time. Apply templates automatically for specific meeting types.

Stop collating everyone’s notes after the meeting.

Collaborate on note-taking during the meeting for one source of truth vs multiple copies.

Use collaborative note editor to take brief notes in real-time connected to a meeting. Also take private notes as needed.
Meeting Assistant

Save hours in note-taking and improve meeting outcomes with active participation.

Don’t get distracted in detailed note-taking and data-entry.

Focus on the conversation and active listening, and still never miss any detail.

Get automatic recording, high-quality Transcripts, and AI-generated Notes for key topics. Bookmark important moments and take time-stamped notes.

Never let action items fall through the cracks again.

Follow up promptly with accurate next steps and make your meetings more actionable.

Search in Transcript and playback the recording with time-stamped notes to remember the details.
Meeting Collaboration

Shorten sales cycles with effortless collaboration between teams.

Don’t let another customer feedback disappear into thin air.

Share the actual voice of the prospect, customer, and teammate with cross-functional teams instantly.

With Snippets and Playlists, instantly share key feedback with product and marketing teams.

Stop building products in vacuum based on opinions.

Build data-driven products that prospects and customers want.

Learn trends about competitor gaps, features asked, and custom trackers with Conversation Intelligence.
Meeting Intelligence

Increase deal win rate and reduce employee ramp time with coaching insights.

Stop spending hours in shadowing live calls.

Onboard new team members faster with winning playlists, and continuous bite-sized coaching.

Curate Playlists of best moments, listen to calls at 1.5x speed, and comment to provide feedback.

Don’t coach and forecast based on stale CRM data.

Learn critical insights for coaching and forecasting across all team members.

Get visibility into topic trends and talk patterns with Conversation Intelligence, and learn deal risks with Revenue Intelligence.

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Integrate with your favorite tools.


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